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Fenster School is a College Preparatory Boarding and Day School. Fenster School follows the University of Arizona standards and requirements. The school is  located  in the beautiful Catalina foothills in Tucson, Arizona. Fenster School offers a College preparatory curriculum for students planning on attending a college or university. Known as a reputable Boarding School, founded in 1944, we offer individualized instruction based on a students capabilities and motivation to learn. Our Boarding School and Day School is capable of working with students who  are academic underachievers, ADD/ADHD and/or may be struggling with their current situation in school or at home.  Our Boarding School fosters emotional growth, academic growth and the opportunity to succeed. However, Fenster School does not accept and is not equipped to work with students who have severe emotional and behavioral problems.

International students who attend our Boarding School program enjoy the beauty and tranquility the campus provides which makes the learning experience exciting and enjoyable. As we do with our American students we recognize and understand the special  importance of making them feel comfortable and supported while they adjust to their new environment and make new friends.

We offer small classes, attentive faculty, structured learning environment, intentionally designed schedule, close teacher supervision, mandatory study halls, diversity of learning styles, frequent progress reports, engaging clubs and activities, exciting weekend activities, peaceful desert setting, promoting student success in a Boarding School environment.


Be part of a Boarding School where “Change happens every day”. Learn more »

ALEKS, assessment and learning technologies comes to Fenster School. Through adaptive questioning, ALEKS accurately assesses a student’s knowledge state and then delivers targeted instruction on the exact topics the student is most ready to learn.  Learn more»

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